Adult Gym Climber on Guided DWS Tour in SpainI can’t say enough about our family’s Deep Water climbing trip w/ Majorca  Climbing Camps. Mallorca is definitely a destination spot for climbers and Amos Whiting tailored the trip to meet our every expectation. As a parent with young adult climbers it is paramount that they attend a climbing camp that has a safe environment, develops  climbing skills, safety skills and challenges each climber. Amos is a great instructor and internationally certified in Rock,  Alpine and Ski mountaineering. His knowledge of Mallorca placed us on the right rock every day to fit our climbing abilities and then he motivated us to challenge ourselves and improve our climbing skills, on a trip of a lifetime for which I will always be grateful .

On the days off I appreciated the camps’ assistance in partaking in all that Mallorca has to offer, especially the incredible cycling and beaches.

Thanks Amos, we look forward to other climbing adventures in Europe and can’t wait to climb in Mallorca again.


CJ Lett  KN

Chip Chase DWS with Mallorca Climbing GuidesAlthough I had rock climbing at a relatively high level for the past 35 years, I had no previous experience with deep water soloing.  Given the variables involved, it only made sense to get some instruction prior to engaging in this new and highly specialized discipline. Amos quickly brought me up to speed over the course of a three day intro, and was especially skillful in working with the limitations imposed by my severely tweaked knee.  He saved me a lot of time, effort, and wear and tear on my body. I spent the next four weeks honing and refining the skills he taught me.  If you are planning a trip to Majorca and you are new to deep water soloing I highly recommend that you spend a couple of day with Amos. It’s well worth the investment.

Chip Chase , Boulder CO

My wife Makiko and I decided to do something special for our 15th wedding anniversary and Deep Water Soloing with Amos in Mallorca was the perfect choice. Our only regret is that after 20 years of climbing it took us this long to discover it.

Mallorca is the ideal couple and family destination. Beautiful beaches, blue skies, perfect weather, romantic sunsets, great food, good salsa dancing, and a wonderful Mediterranean feel to it provide the background for a unique climbing experience.

Amos has an outstanding progression sequence so that even the most timid climber capable of top roping a 5.10b or that 8a climbing stud can feel at ease sending a 50ft DWS route. You start easy and work yourself up. By knowing the climbing areas intimately, providing coaching, and leading by example, pretty soon you are either walking off the top after a successful climb, or safely getting airtime into the water. This is definitely something you want to do with that significant other. It’s hard to describe how incredibly rewarding it was to see each of us push the limits and climb free, un-roped, within sight of each other, yelling encouragement at the top of our lungs, and laughing or gasping with the splashdowns. Then, as the climbing day was over, there were all those other things in life available to make it a memorable experience

We will be back again this year, and this time we will bring the kids.


Kique and Makiko

Ben Wolf Rock Climbing in EuropeI truly can say that one of the best times of my life was last summer climbing with my good buddies in Spain. Climbing in Mallorca Spain with Mallorca Climbing Camps was an experience of a life time. If I did not have to get a job this summer I would have definitely gone again! Amos Whiting is extremely knowledgeable in all things outdoors and his climbing skills are insane. I have been climbing for ten years now, half my life and climbing hard for the last two but Amos still taught me tons about climbing technique as well as how to build climbing endurance. I really could not have had a better time and would Highly recommend climbing in Spain with Amos Whiting and Mallorca Climbing Camps. If you ever want to hear it from my mouth call me anytime! I love climbing and climbers. my Cell is (316) 737-5528 and or email me at


Ben Wolff

Mallorca Rock Climbing

Adult Climbing Camps

Adult DWS tours: You have seen the movies of the climbing superstars battling up golden limestone cliffs above the Mediterranean Sea.
Well, you don’t have to climb 5.12 to enjoy the freedom of Deep Water Soloing! Adult DWS tours are for women and men, ages 18 and over, who can Consistently top rope 5.10b/c, or 6b, and who are looking for a new and exciting experience.

Amos will guide you through the different areas of Mallorca.  Having in-depth knowledge of the island, MCC guides will find the appropriate challenge for your ability, while also ensuring that safety is a chief concern.

Adult DWS tours are best done in September after the rush of summer is over and the water is at one of its warmest of the year or in June. The weather has also started to cool off then making for better sending temps.  The focus on the Adult DWS tours is to give the experienced climber a safe introduction to the world of DWS.

We will focus on an appropriate progression in routes and venues.  Safe falling over water and water exits (how we get out of the sea once we fall in) are our main safety concerns.  Then we will start to push the grades a bit and work toward climbing at or near our limit while un-roped over the sea. Amos will help you successfully experience DWS through route demonstration, coaching while on route either from the rock or rappel. On some of the higher or difficult top outs, we may do some top rope rehearsal to dial in the moves and gain more confidence before the big DWS.

MCC uses a combination of rope work and mountain sense of certified  mountain guides with ocean awareness and lifeguard skills to keep you safe on the rock over the sea.  Amos’ degree in adventure education  and Miguel’s teaching background complement their  experience coaching  the American Bouldering Series competitors to give you the best experience deep water soloing and bouldering.  The adult tours include transportation from the east coast to the crag, group gear, ropes, dry bags, floatation devices and guiding.  Guest is responsible for travel to Palma, their personal climbing gear and lodging and food while in Mallorca.


Intro to DWS/ Psicobloc:

September 4,5,6 2015   September 25,26,27

This is a great way to get a taste for art of DWS/ Psicobloc in a group setting.  We will go over the fundamentals of Psicobloc in a few different areas on the island. A perfect way to experience DWS.

$600 USD or $450 Euro  minimum of 3 people.




Teens Rock Climbers at Lighthouse Wall
The Lighthouse area is a hidden cave just north of the prominent lighthouse of the town of Porto Colom.  The approach to the lighthouse wall is either via boat or a very pleasant 20-minuet adventure along the rocky coast from the north.  Once you have arrived you observe an excellent cave witch most routes top out at around 65-70 feet!!  Lucky for most mortals there are a number of routes which stop at about 35, feet where you need to then jump off.  There are not many moderates here, but with a few classic 5.10 + routes to get your arms warmed up for the serious cave and roof climbing.  The sea exit here is pretty easy, but one needs to be aware of big seas, which could make the exits difficult.

Lighthouse Sector

Amos Whiting Rock Guiding on Diablo Wall Mallorca, Spain

Amos Whiting Rock Guiding on Diablo Wall Mallorca, Spain

Cova Del Diablo is the crown jewel of Mallorca DWS. Many DWS climbers around the world will always compare walls they find to the mighty Diablo. The Diablo wall is located just north of the town of Porto Cristo. After a short walk from the car you come to the top of the amazing piece of overhanging limestone over the sea. One can approach the routes either from a moderate traverse 5.9/5+ from the boulder beach to the north or from a rappel or down climb. The routes here are tall at around 60 feet with a great range of climbs from 5.9 to 5.13 up beautiful orange rock. For many climbing DWS in Mallorca Cova del Diablo is often a highlight of the psibocloc trip.

Amos Whiting Rock Guiding at Cala MarcelCala Marcal is the next small cove south of Porto Colom.  We park right on the cliff so there is very little approach.  Cala  Marcal is similar to Cala Sanu where as it offers both a great warm up traverse within a bay as well as a good selection of 5.10/ 6 routes over the open ocean.  The routes range from 20 ft to 50 ft with the top outs on the higher cliffs being easier climbing.   This is a great venue to get used to being higher up over the sea.

Rock Climbers at Mallorca Climbing Camp Adult Tour Climber Deep Water Soloing in Mallorca Spain

Cala Barques Rock Climbing SectorCala Barques is an excellent area in between Porto Colom and Porto Cristo.  After a 15-minuet walk you arrive at a beautiful beach with some slack lines and a small camping seen.  There are 4 different Caves there, with three of them being in side of coves so when the sea gets bigger there is shelter.  These are amazing caves with routes from 5.9 -5.13+ many classic routes, which top out at only 35 ft.  This is one of my favorite walls because of the easy water exits, crystal clear water and walls that are not too high.

Cala Sanu is another small beach just north of the town of Cala de Or.  It is a great little cove beach with many different options for DWS and bouldering.  The south shore has a great 20 ft wall with long traverse and some good top outs from 5.7 to 5.11.  The Virgin Wall is the open sea area of Cala Sanu, with routes from 5.8 to 5.12 on a 30-foot wall.  There is also an advance wall with quality routes from 5.10 to 5.13 at close to 60 ft high. One of the premier psicobloc wall in Europe!

Cala Santyini Sector MallorcaCala Santinyi is the perfect place to get your first taste of deep water soloing in Europe.  It is a small cove with a beach and walls on either side, as well some tourist hotels and beach homes.

The southern part of the bay has some of the classic small Majorcan boathouses.  The climbing here consists of low traverse as well as a perfect intro to DWS walls.  The water exits here are all easy with ladders or beach swim outs.

Cala Santyini Rock Climbing Rock Climbing Cala Santyini

Rock Climbers On Diablo Wall Mallorca Spain

Adult tour cost The following costs include, transportation to crags from Porto Colom each day, group gear:  ropes, first aid kits and water safety equipment as well as all guiding services.

Not included: Transportation to Mallorca and to your lodging, lodging, gratuities, food, personal climbing gear. All of these are available on request.

 September 2014

Intro to DWS/ Psicobloc:

September 6,7,8 2014   September 12,13,14, September 26,27,28

This is a great way to get a taste for art of DWS/ Psicobloc in a group setting.  We will go over the fundamentals of Psicobloc in a few different areas on the island. A perfect way to experience DWS.

$600 USD or $450 Euro  minimum of 3 people.
Spaces available.

Private Guiding

July- September

Prices in UDS per day

1 client $500

2 clients $600

3-5 clients $650