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Experience of a Lifetime!

Robyn Eberysfield Raboutou

Mallorca Climbing Camps Guides provided Team ABC an unbelievably engaging and unique Deep Water Solo experience in a surreal setting. Amos is a seasoned DWS guide who brilliantly balances the seriousness of Deep Water Soloing with the laid back lifestyle of island living. The exciting nature of climbing cordless on gorgeous limestone cliffs above the ocean combined with the psych and piece of mind that Amos and his team instill makes this the climbing trip of a lifetime. Venga!… Tranquillo.

– Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou

I truly can say that one of the best times of my life was last summer climbing with my good buddies in Spain. Climbing in Mallorca Spain with Mallorca Climbing Camps was an experience of a life time. If I did not have to get a job this summer I would have definitely gone again! Amos Whiting is extremely knowledgeable in all things outdoors and his climbing skills are insane. I have been climbing for ten years now, half my life and climbing hard for the last two but Amos still taught me tons about climbing technique as well as how to build climbing endurance. I really could not have had a better time and would Highly recommend climbing in Spain with Amos Whiting and Mallorca Climbing Camps. If you ever want to hear it from my mouth call me anytime! I love climbing and climbers. my Cell is (316) 737-5528 and or email me at


Ben Wolff

Climber Testimonial